The call stack (also known as the run-time stack) is a stack found in a process that contains the currently active stack frames. Each stack frame is a record of an executing function (or function-like object such as a signal handler or system call). StackwalkerAPI provides an API that allows users to collect a call stack (known as walking the call stack) and access information about its stack frames. The current implementation supports Linux/x86, Linux/AMD-64, Linux/Power, Linux/Power-64, BlueGene/L, and BlueGene/P.

StackwalkerAPI is designed to be both easy-to-use and easy-to-extend. Users can easily use StackwalkerAPI to walk a call stack without needing to understand how call stacks are laid out on their platform. Users can easily extend StackwalkerAPI to work with new platforms and types of stack frames by implementing a set of callbacks that can be plugged into StackwalkerAPI.

StackwalkerAPI is distributed with Dyninst, and can be downloaded here.